State of API Economy 2016

API Metrics analyzed 120m calls, across 49 locations, 4 clouds and 1,100 APIs in 2016.  Wow! How do you think they did? How would your API fare? Check out the infographic below or head to the API Metrics site.

Is the App Economy Dead? – Again!

So here’s a topic that comes up every 18 months or so – Is the App Economy Dead? Bit of a strange question when mobile apps, as the mainstream knows it, is less than 10 years old. But perhaps not so strange as the speed of technology and changing business models zip by us.

Make the Most out of Summer

Hi You

It’s summmmmmmer! Most of the WIPsters are off on vacation for various parts of August, so best to keep this newsletter short and sweet. I actually have at least 6 whole weeks at home – wow – a record! At first I didn’t know what to do with myself, but have gotten into tons of cycling, kayaking and gardening. I am also going to spend time playing with my Makey Makey – let me know if you have any ideas of what I should attempt.

One thing I did get to, finally, is to clean up my electronics stash that was taking up far too much space in my closet (see pic). A lovely entanglement of cables and plugs, the result of being in this industry for awhile and an industry with varying standards. It’s getting pushed out to the electronics recycling depot today!

I hope you are taking some time off too to save your energy for the big push that always comes in September.
A few big September projects we are working on include the following (see below for details on how to get free passes and discounts!):

See you in September.


Check-In: Things We Learned at #WIPJam 2014

Greetings from 35,000 feet!  I just finally headed home from Europe after surviving our 4-day WIPJam at MWC, then got a bit of sun in Portugal, and a few days of meetings and more sun in London.

Thanks to all of you who supported WIPJam this year – sponsor, speakers, volunteers, and marketing partners and of course Developers!  We couldn’t have done it without you.  We had about 2000 folks visit us over the 4 days.  We are just crunching the rest of our numbers, so expect our annual WIPJam infographic out soon.

For now – I leave you with the important Things I learned from WIPJam this year:

The Most Pressing Questions You Have about WIPJam

We’ve been asked the same questions in every medium possible, so we thought we’d make it easy for you and put all your questions in one place! Here are your FAQ’s for WIPJam @ MWC 2014:

Is WIPJam a part of MWC?

Of course! We are back for our 7th year and we wouldn’t miss it (and really, could they host MWC without a WIPJam!) WIPJam is still considered an Application Developer Conference (ADC) as part of MWC.

Where is WIPJam being held?

WIPJam is taking place at both Firas in Barcelona. From Monday to Wednesday we are in Hall M5, at Fira Montjuic, just down from Plaza Espanya heading to the fountains. We have a whole building just for developers! Thursday, we will head up to Fira Gran Via, Hall 8.0

Why is WIPJam at a different venue?

You asked us for more – so we got bigger! MWC also got bigger too, so there wasn’t enough room to host a huge devcon and hackathon at Gran Via. We are super excited to be at the “old” Fira Montjuic, with its great cultural setting and easily accessible location right in the city.

How do I get in to WIPJam?

You’ll need to get a pass. To get a pass, you can buy one, or if you already have an MWC pass, you can get one for free (but you still need to register).

Caroline’s 2014 Predictions

As it’s time for predications and reflections I always go back to my previous predictions to see how I made out – most pretty good, some really good that year but then things always evolve (See links below). Confession – I didn’t put my predictions out last year, as it slipped off the list due to a huge todo list (shame on me). And thankfully my 5 other colleagues were able to share theirs.

So – what is coming up for 2014 that will be of interest to mobile developers…

Check-In: In My Neighbour Nation’s Capital

Greetings from Washington, DC! Or rather National Harbor, Maryland – where Rod, Teresa, Carlo and I are planning for 2014, and also hosting our 2nd WIPJam @ the mHealth Summit, this Sunday, December 8.

I’ve really come to enjoy DC over the years for its history, museums and monuments; but also for the vibrant business and tech center. Sure, it’s super government focused, but I find on the east coast of the US in general, the mobile industry has a much more serious, enterprise way of thinking. Its – how do I meet the needs of my customer first, rather than how do I disrupt the industry with the next…fill in the blanks.

40 Years of Mobile and the First Developer Program

Last week (April 3) marked the 40th birthday of the first mobile call ever made. Did you do anything to mark the occasion? The mobile phone has come a long way since that first call – you know the story – Marty Cooper, a senior engineer at Motorola, was in Manhattan and made the call to one of his competitors at Bell Labs. I did a bit of a walk down memory lane and remembered:

WIPJam @ mHealth Summit – Report and Presentations

We hosted a WIPJam at the mHealth Summit, December 5, 2012 in Washington DC, a first time event for us. The Summit saw a gathering of over 4000 attendees mainly coming from the health sector were hungry for information on how to integrate mobile into their work, practices, research and organizations. WIPJam was held on the last day, and brought the mobile development perspective to the crowd.

First up was a session on Mobile 101. It was a real primer on the nuts and bolts of mobile development from how to choose a platform, tips on design and testing as well a some trends. Richard Medis from Any Presence was our speaker and totally wowed the crowd with his easy to understand and practical tips.  He will definitely be invited back again!