Developer Economics


Which IoT platforms are competing with Apple and Google? Which are the most popular cloud APIs? Does mobile, IoT or cloud development pay better? These are just some of the questions that our friends at VisionMobile tackle in their latest Developer Economics research. Take their 10-minute National Trends survey and help  piece together 2015’s hottest developer trend: Participants can win awesome prizes like an MS Surface 3, Lumia 635, iPhone 6s, Parrot AR Drone 2.0, Blackberry Passport, as well as one of 200 Amazon vouchers! In addition to prizes, survey participants will also get the chance to see a) how they compare to other developers from their country/region and b) … Continued

Derrick Staten from Branch Metrics


What is the best part of being a developer? Being a developer has two “best parts”. First is on the individual level: creating new things and troubleshooting problems are inherently rewarding processes to be involved in, and this is the everyday work of a developer. Second, on the macro level, it’s quite rewarding as well. Namely, your individual efforts can impact millions of users depending on how widely used your creations are. Creating software is one of the easiest ways to touch millions of people. What did you do yesterday? Yesterday I spent part of the morning helping on customer support, or helping developers who use our SDK. I also finished … Continued

Robert Kaye from MetaBrainz


Name: Robert Kaye Location: Barcelona Job: Executive Director, MetaBrainz Foundation Inc. What is the best part of being a developer? I love being a developer as it gives me the chance to create things that other people will use. And not only that, but in some cases my work may change a person’s life for the better. Before I started working with Open Source I had to clue what far reaching effects my work will have outside the designed function of the software. I know of two people in the MusicBrainz community who have gotten married because they met while participating in the project! And in my spare time I create … Continued