mHealth App Developer Economics 2016

Our friends from research2guidance have released a great report on mHealth… you can download it here for free: The mHealth App Developer Economics 2016, This is the sixth edition of our yearly study on the state and the future of mobile healthcare. This  is the largest global study on mHealth app publishing. It is … Continued

Welcome to the new WIP site!

Welcome to the new WIP web site! We’ve slimmed things down, added some new stuff and kept some of the old bits too, all to bring you the best possible site for developers. Here’s what you’ll find on the new Events: We’ve always had a great events calendar, and it will soon be the … Continued

Benchmark your developer community performance

We’re proud to be supporting the new developer survey run by our friends at VisionMobile! This is the 11th developer survey and it’s entitled Developer Tools Benchmarking – as you can understand, the focus is on developer tools. The survey features questions on topics like programming languages, platforms, app categories, tool categories, revenue models, IoT … Continued

How many IDEs does it take to create a programmer?

Integrated Development Environments have evolved to solve every problem a developer can have, but in recent years we’ve seen a scaling back of capabilities as developers embrace more-basic options. At VisionMobile our latest developer survey is (amongst other things) trying to find out why, though we do have some ideas on the subject. When I first … Continued

Interface Health Challenge X 2016

Digital Health Innovators! WIP is a proud partner of the world’s top competition in digital health innovation.  INTERFACE Health Challenge X 2016 is the world’s only annual competition to discover the world’s best real health problem-solving innovators. Think of this global challenge as the “Digital Health Olympic Games.” It is a fun, intense and rewarding experience.  Last year, … Continued

The 6th Global mHealth App Developer Economics Study Has Been Launched

2015 was another fascinating year for mHealth. By the fourth quarter, research2guidance had reported that the total number of mHealth app downloads worldwide had reached 3 billion from 165,000 app solutions on the market, making the mHealth industry worth $10.2bn. Despite such progress, few developers have successfully monetized their solutions. Few apps have been effectively integrated … Continued

ShowStoppers’ offer!

ShowStoppers is the #1 mobile and wireless press showcase event –at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and at CTIA in Las Vegas. ShowStoppers is offering a 20% discount on the price of a demo station to the WIP community that has not previously exhibited at a ShowStoppers event. There will be special signage to the WIP … Continued

Developer Economics

Which IoT platforms are competing with Apple and Google? Which are the most popular cloud APIs? Does mobile, IoT or cloud development pay better? These are just some of the questions that our friends at VisionMobile tackle in their latest Developer Economics research. Take their 10-minute National Trends survey and help  piece together 2015’s hottest … Continued

Derrick Staten from Branch Metrics

What is the best part of being a developer? Being a developer has two “best parts”. First is on the individual level: creating new things and troubleshooting problems are inherently rewarding processes to be involved in, and this is the everyday work of a developer. Second, on the macro level, it’s quite rewarding as well. Namely, … Continued

Robert Kaye from MetaBrainz

Name: Robert Kaye Location: Barcelona Job: Executive Director, MetaBrainz Foundation Inc. What is the best part of being a developer? I love being a developer as it gives me the chance to create things that other people will use. And not only that, but in some cases my work may change a person’s life for the … Continued