Lee Bamber from The Game Creators


Name: Lee Bamber Location: Wales, UK Job: CEO, The Game Creators What is the best part of being a developer? The best part of being a developer in the games industry is that you get to create wonderful things almost every day, and there is no greater satisfaction than seeing a hideously complicated algorithm suddenly spring to life and work first time. It’s also the only industry I know where evolution is so quick you can see technology emerge and spread like a wildfire, scorching some things and causing others to take to the air. It’s an exhilarating profession! What did you do yesterday? That would be Sunday which consisted … Continued

Barcelona Music Hack Day at Sonar+D

Could you hack inside a huge music festival? Well, it’s not impossible. This is how I lived the Barcelona Music Hack Day 2015, this year It was around live performance and wearables: A day before the hackathon we met at the pre-event at Hangar where we had a sneak-peak of some of the toys available this year, like MusicBricks or the bitalino, a board with sensors for electrodermal activity, electromyography, electrocardiography and more: Later we enjoyed two talks, first with Yuya Kikukawa and the dazzling Orphe Smart-Shoes and second with the chick from Chicks on Speed showing more amazing shoes: finally two spooky performaces “The Human Arp” (Di Mainstone and Becky Stwart): and “Miogram” by @atautanaka: Not bad for a warm up day. On Thursday … Continued

New Models And Mash-Ups To Help Your App Succeed


The good news: Billions of smartphones and trillions of sensors mean huge opportunity for app developers everywhere on the planet, moving the growth of the app marketplace into over-drive. Latest numbers from tech research firm Vision Mobile reckon the App Economy is powered by nearly 5 million developers worldwide, a number it expects to grow by about 800,000 this year. The not-so-good news: the increased activity and excitement around apps has impacted the average cost per install (CPI), causing the cost of user acquisition to rise through the roof. Mobile games-only ad platform Chartboost observes CPIs have risen from $1.59 in December 2013 to $2.08 in December 2014, due in … Continued