Barcelona Music Hack Day at Sonar+D

Could you hack inside a huge music festival? Well, it’s not impossible. This is how I lived the Barcelona Music Hack Day 2015, this year It was around live performance and wearables: A day before the hackathon we met at the pre-event at Hangar where we had a sneak-peak of some of the toys available this year, like MusicBricks or the bitalino, a board with sensors for electrodermal activity, electromyography, electrocardiography and more: Later we enjoyed two talks, first with Yuya Kikukawa and the dazzling Orphe Smart-Shoes and second with the chick from Chicks on Speed showing more amazing shoes: finally two spooky performaces “The Human Arp” (Di Mainstone and Becky Stwart): and “Miogram” by @atautanaka: Not bad for a warm up day. On Thursday … Continued

New Models And Mash-Ups To Help Your App Succeed


The good news: Billions of smartphones and trillions of sensors mean huge opportunity for app developers everywhere on the planet, moving the growth of the app marketplace into over-drive. Latest numbers from tech research firm Vision Mobile reckon the App Economy is powered by nearly 5 million developers worldwide, a number it expects to grow by about 800,000 this year. The not-so-good news: the increased activity and excitement around apps has impacted the average cost per install (CPI), causing the cost of user acquisition to rise through the roof. Mobile games-only ad platform Chartboost observes CPIs have risen from $1.59 in December 2013 to $2.08 in December 2014, due in … Continued

Join us on our Developer Smackdown! Hangouts

Developer SmackDown is a contest where developers share code tricks and hacks and also debate about the things you know and love. The format is a half hour Google Hangout, agilely moderated by us with a very cool prize for the coolest of the 3 or 4 contestants. Check it out: If you want to participate in one of our hangouts to share your knowledge, have some fun and maybe winning something cool… you just have to fill out this very short form Or If you want to sponsor a Smackdown just throw us a line!