Wearables Technologies SF


This past Tuesday, I had the pleasure of attending Wearables Technologies in San Francisco. Amidst all the cool exhibitions with new wearables out in the market, there was one presentation that stood out to me the most. David Holz, the CTO and Co-Founder of Leap Motion, demonstrated how users can interact with their computers using hand and finger movements in the air.

Winners of PayPal BattleHack Berlin


PayPal BattleHack Berlin this past June was no exception to the success of all the previous BattleHacks. Taking home the axe was WeBzerkingCare, a peer-to-peer donation exchange app where you can donate to charity anywhere in the world and still enjoy local rates and tax deductions! WeBzerkingCare definitely created an app that not only benefits the local community, but certainly around the world! Congrats to them for winning first place, and we can’t wait to see them represent Berlin at the finals.

Notable runner-ups include Ofertify, and AirPay, which allows you to pay and transfer money with your device to another nearby device without having to exchange personal information! Check out more information on BattleHack Berlin and its winners here.

We are approaching closer and closer to the finals, but there are still seven more cities that haven’t battled it out yet. To participate in an upcoming BattleHack, see if one of the remaining cities is near you here.