Benjamin Bojko – Developer Spotlight


Name: Benjamin Bojko, Location: New York Job: Senior Developer What is the best part of being a developer? Bringing static designs to life, closing the gap between engineering and concept. Spending a few hours on an interaction prototype to prove a point instead of discussing it on paper for days. Working with people that are better in what they do than you. Being part of a huge community. Seeing people interact with and enjoy something you’ve made. What did you do yesterday?  Spend the day at work after a few days of out-of-town client meetings. Catching up on multiple projects, adding final polish to two soon-to-be-released products and planning for two projects entering their respective … Continued

Fernando Cejas from SoundCloud


Name: Fernando Cejas. Location: Berlín. Job: Software Engineer at SoundCloud. What is the best part of being a developer? From my perspective, the best part of being a software engineer is the smart people you are surrounded by, the amount of knowledge and continuous learning you get out of it, and the big satisfaction of being able to create new things every day that can change the world. There is also nothing more grateful than struggling with difficult problems and facing complicated challenges, specially when you accomplish them. What did you do yesterday? I had a strong deadline, so for instance, I spent most of the day doing pair programming and sending pull … Continued

The Mythical Carrier-Startup Deal: Real or not?


by Derek Kerton, Managing Partner, Kerton Group @derekkerton It used to be that changes in the services of telecom carriers needed to be followed closely by developers and entrepreneurs…with a check in about once-a-decade! Telecoms earned a reputation as the classic dinosaurs – slow to change, and resistant to any innovation that didn’t come out of their own labs. But things are quite different in the new century. Fiber, wireless, IP packetization, digital core networks, and virtualization have radically changed the structure of telco networks, and pressure from Over-The-Top (OTT) competitors has lit a fire under the telecom industry, and standing still is no longer an option.   That’s good … Continued