How to Build Your Own API


Our good friends at Itude Mobile recently attended the API Strategy and Practice Conference in Amsterdam, and they had quite the takeaway. Most importantly, they came away with a checklist of how to build your own API:

The API Strategy & Practice Conference in Amsterdam was a very interesting look into the world of API’s. I was mostly interested in what building an API involves, and I’d like to share what I’ve learned in this regard. Building an API should consist of the following steps: Design > Mock > Test > Build > Publish > Operate > Engage.

Check out the entire post on their blog!

Developer Spotlight with Sinuhe Huidobro of AirScoreboard


Who are you?

My name is Sinuhe Huidobro and I am from Tijuana, Mexico and I am currently President at AirScoreboard. I have a strong sports management background, and I love coding, cycling, and racquetball. You can find me on twitter @sinuhehuidobro and Facebook. our company’s twitter handle is @airscoreboard and fb handle is /airscoreboard. I am also a lead iOS developer for Art Studio H Inc. a mobile app developer company in San Diego, CA since 2009.

Tell us a little about your projects

Our latest project is called AirScoreBoard. AirScoreBoard is a native app that helps sport tournament organizers create, manage & share their sport tournaments or leagues, with tools like athlete registration, bracket creator, scheduler, social media integration & more, all from your mobile device.

How did you get started in mobile development?

I was a successful Flash developer and loved Action Script 3.0, but in 2007 the iPhone was created, and killed the Flash development business, so I decided to join the enemy! In 2009, I moved my development web studio from Tijuana, Mexico to San Diego, CA, became an Apple iOS developer and have been coding Objective-C ever since and never looked back.

Tool Time: Analyze Your Apps with Distimo!


What does your tool do for developers?

It allows developers to analyse the app store performance (Downloads, Revenues, Conversion, Rankings, Reviews) of their apps across time and across multiple app stores from one simple to use interface.

Who should use your tool?

Developers of course but also app marketing folks and management teams, Distimo provides the business dashboard for your app company.

How much does it cost to use?

All features of Distimo App Analytics, Conversion Tracking, The Distimo App and the API are free forever regardless of company size, number of apps, number of downloads.

How do developers implement it?

Simple! Register at and use our wizard to connect their “sales” user credentials for iTunes Connect, Google Developer Console etc. App Analytics then goes and collects app store data on a daily basis on the developers behalf and alerts the user to their app store performance once yesterdays numbers have been collected.

To get best value out of our Conversion Tracking tool our open-source SDK can be used within developers apps. To use the API there is a simple OAuth based step before all of the data can be pulled down in JSON or CSV.

Who should we contact for help?

If developers are interested in using Distimo they can email me at or get in contact via Twitter @bookmeister