Think in moderation

My next exercise in “event moderation”   will be at the app-tly named Planet of the Apps which would surely call for some singerie from the so-called moderator.

While the role of panel moderator is fairly well documented  and respected activity the “whole day moderator” at a conference tends to be seen as a mix between a water-boy and  a linkedin profile reader.

Refusing to be either of them, I gave go at putting the job in the spotlight it deserves, by listing the duties of he moderator:

  • Keep a straight line: Every event sometimes feels like a hazardous stumbling walk through presentations of various flavors, styles and topics. That's why the moderator helps connect the dots to give the event a sense of completeness and cohesion.
  • Be a good companion: It's always annoying to see a good mate's best story wasted because the audience is left asleep by a lunch, scattered by a break, dreaming from a presentation or simply muted in the expectation of the closing beers. This is where the moderator jumps in to prepare the crowd for the speaker's good words, cracking a joke or a WIP to get the attention and focus.
  • Don't let'em abuse the good stuff:  A speaker enjoying the sound of his own voice a bit too much? That's where time the good samaritan steps in and gently takes the mike away to make sure the party goes on happily.
  • Get'em out of the gutter: Every now and then a speakers hits a bad day…  when the speech just does not seem to flow well, the tongue is a bit too heavy,. And that's when the good moderator comes in with questions that will make the whole presentation sound like a Steve Jobs keynote.

Now who would dare say that moderation is just monkey business?

If you want to see this exercise in moderation join me at  Planet of the Apps … it's free for developers (just contact Laurence) .

If you're more interested in the speakers you might enjoy seeing Raimo from Layar, Mark from Flirtomatic, Tyler from Blackberry, Gustav from Spotify, Romain from Tellmewhere and more…

If you want a chance to pitch or code for fame this will be followed by a Dragon's Den and a workshop ran by Intel and will surely all end in pizza  and beer.

And for somewhat different exercise in moderation I will be in Amsterdam for SEE if you want to join!