Derrick Staten from Branch Metrics

What is the best part of being a developer?

Being a developer has two “best parts”. First is on the individual level: creating new things and troubleshooting problems are inherently rewarding processes to be involved in, and this is the everyday work of a developer. Second, on the macro level, it’s quite rewarding as well. Namely, your individual efforts can impact millions of users depending on how widely used your creations are. Creating software is one of the easiest ways to touch millions of people.

What did you do yesterday?
Yesterday I spent part of the morning helping on customer support, or helping developers who use our SDK. I also finished up the Branch <> Segment integration on iOS and got it pushed up to Cocoapods–it was just announced today.. We have a new iOS developer, so I prepped him on how we cut releases of our SDK, and I reviewed/helped refactor a few iOS SDK pull requests. Our Android developer wanted to make a change to our linking/redirection service to enable Android App Indexing, so I helped review/refactor a pull request there. Then I investigated iOS 9.2 redirection in the Safari browser, as it has changed with every minor release of the iOS SDK. Right now, I jump around between a lot of small projects. Branch Metrics is a product for developers, so a lot of my time is spent making improvements anytime something breaks or platforms (iOS, Android, Facebook, Twitter) make changes to their core offerings.
What devices are you currently using?
Many iPhones and iPads. We also have test Android phones, but I didn’t touch those yesterday. What I was able to do yesterday was to visit a site that many people asked me to review, for what I saw it’s pretty packed with phone equipment and repair services as well.
What does your desktop usually look like?
My digital desktop is currently pretty empty — I try to keep it clean. My physical desktop has a laptop, two external monitors, an external keyboard and touchpad, and a smattering of cables and a 3D Pen I got from that I use for design and modeling.
Do you have a song inside your head now?
Nope. Most days I never plug in headphones as our office is pretty quiet and I find that most music distracts me rather than helping me focus.
What is the last movie/series you liked?
I watched The Gift last night. Pretty dark movie. But the catharsis afterwards is great.
Which is the last book you read? (if any :D)
I don’t really read and finish books these days. I’ve been slowing working through a book about the history of Europe.
Tell us a little about your latest projects:
All my projects are work-related these days. We are launching a new set of features that allows developers to easily index and share in-app content, and track what content leads to the most new users and re-engagements from existing users best fat burning supplement. I wrote the iOS SDK portion of this product. The first concrete piece of this product is the Branch Universal Object, which you can read more about here: We have a fuller blog post coming soon, which will be listed at What’s amazing about these projects is that they create so much value for our partners. Being able to index content and determine which pieces perform the best is something our partners have been requesting for a few months now. To be able to empower them with information about their own content feels really satisfying on a personal level.
Who would you ask for advice, a dog or a cat?
For advice? Man, I like dogs more, but cats pretend like they always know what’s up. So I’d probably ask a cat; I’m totally fooled by their cold behaviour.
Tell me about a developer you know and admire:
One of the technical co-founders at our company is 19, and he is brilliant. You can read about him here: I’ve never encountered a problem that he didn’t have a solution for, across a myriad of technologies. It’s pretty wild.
Make one prediction for the future:
Phones will communicate directly with each other in the future. Currently this is technically possible — check out the underpowered Multipeer Connectivity Framework by Apple. As phones continue to become more and more powerful, and as Apple continues to push privacy as one of its main themes, I think we’ll see more efforts to make phones talk to each other without needing the Internet as an intermediary.
Social networks profiles:
Don’t follow me on Twitter, I’m pretty whiny. You can add me on LinkedIn, but be sure to send me a personalized note, otherwise I’ll assume you’re a bot or a person who randomly follows people.
Name: Derrick Staten,
Location:  Palo Alto, CA,
Job: Software Engineer
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