Interface Health Challenge X 2016

Digital Health Innovators!

WIP is a proud partner of the world’s top competition in digital health innovation. 

INTERFACE Health Challenge X 2016 is the world’s only annual competition to discover the world’s best real health problem-solving innovators.

Think of this global challenge as the “Digital Health Olympic Games.”

It is a fun, intense and rewarding experience. 

Last year, 150 startups from 16 countries and 53 cities on all five continents participated in our first global challenge. 

When you compete against some of the best companies in the world, it makes you stronger. It makes your company more valuable. As a challenger you get priceless exposure, support and recognition from the world’s community of digital health innovators.

X stands for EXCELLENCE, which means we’re seeking big ideas and breakthrough innovations that can scale globally and change the future of health. 

To compete, you’ll need to show that your solution can reduce healthcare costs, improve customer experiences, and generate better outcomes locally, regionally and globally. 

From the opening of the games on March 1st. you have 90 days – until midnight PST, May 31st – to enter your application. 

Make sure you read the FIT rules to see if they apply to you. 

Follow the news @interfacehealth #IHCX2016.

Get ready for the 2016 INTERFACE Health Challenge X. 

APPLY NOW! (link to

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