Tips for Constant Contact and bringing more interest to your newsletter


Recently I went to a Constant Contact seminar in New Westminster, it seems to me that it is very easy to fall into a boring formula of sending the same newsletter each week. On another note, Constant Contact still has not figured out a way to embrace mobile with each email that is opened is not registered in their database, and most of their templates are not mobile friendly either.

I feel with social media marketing rapidly expanding to companies around the world, email marketing is not to be forgotten. There is incredible value in having a newsletter, promo, poll etc sent directly to somebody who is interested in your content.

Here are my top 3 ways to make sure that there is continued success with more subscribers and higher click-through rates.

1) Take advantage of those Raving Fanatics, the ones who open your email ever single time and go through your content. They are the ones who talk about you, that recommend you and there is a good chance they will offer you some good advice. Call these contacts; ask them what they would like to see more of? What recommendations they have. Make sure to phone them, you are going to get much more directional information.

2) Mix it up.

  1. The same template gets boring, week after week.
  2. Send a poll out; ask your contacts a question they have an interest in. I know I like polls and it seems people like polls, especially if it is something that they find value in.
  3. Change the subject line to something different each time “monthly” newsletter gets boring.

– Try sending out half your newsletter with one subject line and the other half with another subject line; see which one has a higher click-through rate. Do the same with the time and day you send out your newsletter, send it at different times and see if there is a specific time/day that receives more opens.

3) Change the sign-up information on your website. Don’t just say “sign-up for our monthly newsletter”, there needs to be more too it. Why should they sign up?!? Give them a reason and show the user the value in what they will receive if they do sign-up.  The better reason you give them to sign up, the more information you can get them to fill in.

If anybody has any other suggestions on how you have spiced up your newsletter, let us know